Charnett Moffett: The Art of Improvisation

Charnett Moffett: The Art of ImprovisationThe Art of Improvisation is the latest release by bassist Charnett Moffett and features him on both electric and acoustic bass.

Charnett is joined by Will Calhoun, Eric McPherson, and Charnette Max Moffett on drums, Yungchen Lhamo on vocals, Scott Brown on piano, Pat Jones and Steve Barnes on guitar, and Robert Joseph Avalon on trumpet.

All About Jazz‘s Francis Lo Kee says, “Moffett doesn’t take the usual route of making a recording that’s a concise collection of tunes. He stretches out on his basses more than any other bass player/bandleader dares to. And though Moffett can remind one of Jaco Pastorius, James Jamerson, Milt Hinton, Charlie Haden, Stanley Clarke or an Edgar Meyer—none would have made an album with this kind of directness.”

We say, that’s some pretty good company!

Preview The Art of Improvisation:

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