Sloan bassist hit by drunk driver

SloanBassist Chris Murphy, of the well-known Nova Scotia band Sloan, was hospitalized last week after being hit by a drunk driver. Murphy had been riding his bicycle.

His injuries include a broken collarbone along with other collision damage. He’s been released from the hospital to rest, and he will require additional surgery later in the week.

Sloan issued an optimistic statement about Murphy’s recovery: “We’re confident that he will have a full recovery and he has not sustained any critical injuries.”

Even though he cannot play the bass with his injury Murphy still intends to make this Sunday’s performance. Sloan has said that, “other members of the band will pitch in, swapping instruments to cover for him as required through the performance.”

According to the band, the driver is being pursued, and witnesses were able to report the vehicle’s license number to the police.

Check out Sloan’s website for tour dates and additional news on Murphy’s recovery. We wish him a speedy one.

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