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Rocco Prestia Facing Health Issues, Needs Kidney Transplant

Rocco PrestiaRocco Prestia is facing serious health issues again, according to reports shared on Tower of Power’s website and Facebook page. The bassist, who is famed for his unique 16th note finger-style funk playing, is in need of a kidney transplant.

“As you know, our beloved Rocco Prestia has been a part of Tower of Power since the beginning,” the band shared on its website. “He is the legendary bassist that has inspired countless musicians. His music has touched the lives of many, and will continue to do so. Everyone, he needs our help. Rocco is currently battling some health issues that require the immediate attention and concern of others. Rocco is in need of a kidney transplant, and it is crucial that a donor is found quickly.”

Tower of Power asks that if you or someone you know is interested in being tested to possibly become a donor to email them at

Our thoughts are with Rocco.

Photo: Tony Harding

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