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Ray’s raving about… Tony Grey’s Chasing Shadows

Tony Grey: Chasing ShadowsThe latest CD by bassist Tony Grey, called Chasing Shadows, is something I’ve been spinning for months.

If you have not heard this guy play, do yourself a favor and check him out!

The CD to me is a perfect blend of musicality with some insane playing. I really love the writing and how every song has cool twists and turns and you always have a feeling of “what’s going to happen next?”

I first heard Tony on the John McLaughlin CD “Industrial Zen” (John is also his uncle, how cool is that?!), then I checked out his work with piano virtuoso Hiromi, ALL of which I also highly recommend checking out.

I will be looking forward to where Tony’s musical journey takes him next and listening with big ears!

Let me know what you think!

Preview and download Casting Shadows:

Editor’s note: This is a new column from bassist Ray Riendeau. Check out Ray on MySpace and his No Treble bio.