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Saltman Knowles: Return of the Composer

Saltman Knowles: Return of the ComposerIn February of 2009 Saltman Knowles released Return of the Composer on Pacific Coast Jazz records. Bassist Mark Saltman leads the group with pianist William Knowles to create unique jazz album featuring the voice as an additional instrument (using vocalese). The result is an album with interesting melodic lines, spirited rhythms and excellent musicianship building off a strong foundation.

Saltman met Knowles while attending the composition program at the University of Massachusetts. Saltman has had many great musical experiences throughout his life which have opened him to creating intricate and haunting melodies. He shares a little insight into his influences: “From a composition standpoint I really like Billy Strayhorn, Sting and Horace Silver. Strayhorn was a master at beautiful melodies and harmonic interest; I mean just listen to a song like “My Little Brown Book.” Sting I love because he is a supposed pop artist but look at how sophisticated his music is not mention brilliant lyrics. And Horace Silver really brought the music forward with different feels while still using great chord changes.”

Preview and download Return of the Composer:

Return of the Composer track list:

1. Homeland
2. Bellport
3. A Study in Purple
4. Shalom and Salaam
5. Disfavor
6. Seeds and Deeds
7. It’s Been a Mad Spring
8. Creepin’ up
9. A Pillar of Saltman
10. Pain Management

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