Victor Wooten offering two new music camps

Victor WootenVictor Wooten is holding two upcoming camps, as part of his music and nature series held at the new Wooten Woods Retreat.

“Spirit of Music” will take place from September 3-6, 2009. Victor and his staff plan to explore these questions with campers:

Is there a spiritual side to Music?

Do you want to find out?

Can Music “speak” to you?

Capacity for the camp is 60 students, ages 15 and up. The cost is $500.00, and preference is given to former campers. Register online.

From October 6-11, 2009, Victor’s “Music/Nature Camp” is open to players of all instruments, and will follow the structure of Victor’s Bass/Nature Camps. Students will spend time with qualified instructors, based on instrument, and spent time in ensemble classes as well.

Music/Nature camp is open to 60 students, ages 15 and up. The cost is $800, and preference will be given to new students. Register online.

Bass instructors include Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, Chuck Rainey, Anthony Wellington, Dave Welsch, and Adam Nitti.

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