Gear Watch: ESP MusicCord Pro

ESP MusicCord ProEssential Sound Products has built a better power cord and named it the MusicCord Pro.

ESP’s approach stems from the idea that any bass amplifier needs a solid power connection to get the best tone. Under-powered amps yield “flat dynamics, thin harmonics, and gutless sound without a satisfyingly full and extended bass.” They’ve developed a complex cord that gives you the current flow of a heavy-guage power cord without the drawbacks (such as a muddied sound, slow bass response or high-frequency roll-offs).

Bassist Victor Wooten had the following to say about ESP cords: “Essential Sound Products’ cords are incredible. I’ve never seen more care and attention put into a power cord. And you can definitely hear the difference.”

The full feature list includes:

  • Patented Multi-Conductor Cord Geometry – MusicCord power cords are based upon our patented multi-conductor cordage technology incorporated in our high-end audio products since 1995. Since then, thousands of cords have been put in service. Our 10+ years field experience has resulted in continuous refinement and optimization.
  • Shielded Cable Construction – a maximum coverage braided shield contains the strong magnetic field that can cause EMI (electro-magnetic interference) in signal cables and components.
  • Over-sized Ground Conductor contributes to reduced ground potential and a lower noise floor.
  • Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity (OFHC) Copper Conductors for greater detail and enhanced resolution.
  • Hospital-Grade Plug and Connector (green dot)
  • Solid Brass Pins – high quality, resists bending, and ensures good electrical contact.
  • Solder and Crimp Termination of conductors to plug and connector pins minimize contact resistance and maximize mechanical integrity.
  • Reinforced Cable to Connector Interface – for enhanced durability and reliability in high-abuse environments like the stage and studio
  • Woven Polyester Cable Jacket – further enhances the cord’s rugged construction providing abrasion resistance and an attractive appearance.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality and reliability standards. MusicCord power cords are approved to UL-817 requirements for power cord assemblies and UL-498 hospital-grade mechanical integrity.

Check out this video at the ESP Booth from NAMM ’09:

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