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New Release from Ben Allison: Think Free

Ben Allison: Think FreeBassist and composer Ben Allison will be releasing his ninth album, Think Free, on October 13th 2009, with Palmetto Records.

Think Free features Allison on bass with Steve Cardenas on guitar, Shane Endsley on trumpet, Rudy Royston on drums and Jenny Scheinman on violin. The album consists of eight originals by Allison, and continues his “train of thought” from previous works Cowboy Justice and Little Things Run the World.

“I see the the whole process – from assembling a band, writing and workshoping the music, recording and mastering the album, doing the artwork and writing the notes, and then touring the project – to be all part of the process of musical expression,” says Allison. “I enjoy every step as they all demand a certain kind of positive energy. And I get to collaborate with a wide range of very creative people.”

When asked by Spinner what “Think Free” meant, Allison had the following humorous response:

“This is my ‘coming out’ album. I’ve been living with a secret for quite a while. It’s something that most of my friends know about me but I’ve never divulged it in public. Although at least 10 percent of the U.S. population openly admits to being part of this group, there is tremendous pressure not to be vocal about it. And it’s a political third rail. You will almost never hear a politician admit to being one. But I’m tired of dodging the issue and feel I do a disservice to all of those who are not afraid to be outspoken about who they are. It’s time to stand and be counted. The truth is that I’m an … atheist. There, I said it. I guess I’ve known that I was one since I was a little kid. I experimented with theism in high school. Who didn’t? But I’d have to get drunk and kind of force myself. And I’d always feel “wrong” afterwards. And then I’d feel guilty for feeling ‘wrong.’ It was a dysfunctional way to live. Then I moved to Greenwich Village. And all around me were these other atheists. Just doing their thing. It all felt very natural. And I’ve never looked back. Wait, what was the question again?”

The track list includes:

1. Fred
2. Platypus
3. Broke
4. Kramer vs. Kramer vs. Godzilla
5. Sleeping Giant
6. Peace Pipe
7. vs. Godzilla
8. Green Al

Think Free is currently available for pre-order. You can find out more about Allison at his official web site.

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