Rewind: Lots of lessons, Lowdown with Dr. D., Ask Damian Erskine, videos, gear and more

In case you missed it, here are the No Treble highlights from the week of September 27th, 2009.

We added a new Lessons section!

Jon Burr‘s latest lesson focuses on the Stance on the Upright Bass.

Donovan Stokes latest Lowdown with Dr. D. column, Making the Switch from Electric to Upright, Part 2, focuses on the right hand.

Damian Erskine answers a readers question about Getting Jazz.

Evan Kepner‘s lesson of the week is on Pulse and Escaping from Meter.

Our player spotlight is on bassist André Bowman.

The latest from Learn the Low End

We have added two new courses to Learn The Low End this week, first by our veteran professor bassist Steve Uccello who recently released Symmetria and our newest professor Adam Neely.

Steve Uccello: 5 Tips for Gaining Intimacy with the Upright Bass

Adam Neely: Walking Bass 101

New releases, gear and player news


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