Gear Watch: TimeStretch

TimestretcheMedia Music Corp, the group who brought us Band-In-A-Box, are delivering a cool new software package to improve your practicing: TimeStretch.

TimeStretch lets you play back any piece of music at any speed without changing the pitch (sorry Mac users, this is Windows only).

Additionally, the software can transpose a piece of music, so you can practice in all the keys. You can then save your new version of the song (at the new speed and new key) into a WAV, MP3 or WMA file. TimeStretch allows you to extract music from CD or in MP3 format to use, you can select specific sections or change an entire tune.

TimeStretch currently comes in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch and will become available this month. You can download a free demo (Windows only) of this software from eMedia.

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