Gear Watch: Kala Ukulele uBass

kala-ubassKala Ukulele has just released their latest invention: the Ka uBass.

The uBass is an instrumental fusion with surprisingly cool results. This instrument produces a full low end and even with the 16 frets and diminished size it functions just like a bass guitar.

The uBass was formed as a collaboration between Kala and Road Toad music and is built on a baritone ukulele body with a 20 inch neck (both are solid mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard) and produces a sound somewhere between a bass guitar and an upright bass.

Along with extreme portability, the uBass also features:

  • Custom Hipshot tuners
  • Proprietary polyurethane strings
  • Passive Shadow Pickup system with 4 individual piezoelectric elements
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge on a solid mahogany body

The uBass retails at $599 and comes with a custom carry case.

Check out this demo video:

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