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Lindsey Horner’s next album can have your name on it

Lindsey HornerJazz bassist Lindsey Horner, who has played with artists such as Greg Osby, Bill Frisell, and Bobby Previte, is in the process of recording his next project, Undiscovered Country. The unique part about this recording is that he is working through the business model supplied by ArtistShare, which allows for fans to participate in and watch the creative process by funding it. The bassist enjoys the idea as a way to keep creative control in the artist’s hands, and not those of a recording company’s. As for the ArtistShare cooperative, Horner states “this is a model for the 21st century.”

“I am embarking on a new project that will bring together many of my past influences as well as some of my favorite musicians who have been most important to me up to this point in my musical journey,” Horner said. “We will record and perform some new music conceived and written especially for this unique group of players. I am calling this project ‘Undiscovered Country’ because it will bring together musicians from the various places I have lived and been inspired by and also because the entire process is new, one in which you as the listeners are an important part of what happens. More than just buying or downloading the CD or mp3, you as participants will also be able to follow the inside story of how this project takes shape through photos, video, updates and interviews with myself and the other musicians in this project.”

According to ArtistShare site, people who purchase “participation” get access to the complete ArtistShare project experience, participant credit listing on the new recording, an inside look into Horner’s creative process, and receive a copy of the new album, which is set to be released on March 18, 2010. Participation offers can be purchased for anywhere from $10 up to $1,000. More information can be found at his ArtistShare page or his web site.

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