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Gear Watch: jamLink Internet Audio Interface

jamLink Internet Audio Interface

MusicianLink has released the jamLink, an audio interface that uses the internet to allow musicians to play in sync from different locations, no matter how far apart they are. The jamLink works with pretty much any instrument or microphone that has a 1/4” output, so you can plug in and jam with guitarists, singers, or other bassists across the country even if they are hundreds of miles away

Co-founder and CEO of MusicianLink David Willyard spoke about the gear, saying “After doing a lot of research and development, I realized that the only way to jam over the Internet was to build a dedicated piece of hardware that consistently provides the lowest latency and highest-quality audio. Audio cards, software, internal busses and operating systems each introduce too much latency…What is unique about the jamLink is that you get this “in-the-room” feeling, because you are playing in sync with someone who could be hundreds of miles away.”. The jamLink also requires no software to install because it runs off of the software hosted by your web browser, so it is really a “plug and play” piece of gear. “Once users log into, they can manage and initiate the jamLink sessions as easily as starting a chat session.”

The jamLink retails for $299, though there is special introductory pricing. Visit MusicianLink’s web site for more info.

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