Gear Watch: Warwick unveils two new basses: Bootsy Collins and Corvette $$ Special Edition

The hard working bass builders at Warwick have announced two new bass models: The Bootsy Collins Infinity Signature bass, and the Corvette $$ Special Edition Macassar.


The Bootsy Infinity Signature bass is a variation of the company’s Infinity line, with some funky designs added to boot. It’s available as the Black Star or Orange Star models, depending on your color preference for the stars and flames that cover the bass’s body. The basses also feature star inlays on the fret board. Designed in cooperation with Bootsy himself, this bass is funky as can be.


The Corvette $$ Macassar, which is available as 4 or 5-string and with or without frets, has the same good feel of the $$ with a Swamp Ash body featuring a Macassar top. Macassar is a dark sounding wood belonging to the ebony family. The fingerboard is tiger stripe ebony, with an ovangkol neck, and black hardware to finish off the look.

Check out Warwick’s site for more.

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  1. Claire Levesque

    so so so so nice. I have a Corvette Warwick Rock Bass, and it plays soo nice.