Gear Watch: Ibanez SRT Basses

Ibanez SRT800DXAM bass

Ibanez has built upon their already successful Soundgear line of basses with the new SRT models, featuring neck-thru construction to give longer sustain, brighter sound, and easier access to those higher frets than the traditional bolt-on necks. EMG 40DC pickups allow players to reproduce nearly any sound, from clean highs to dirty lows.

Ibanez SRT800DXTG bass

The SRT models also include 3D-contoured ergonomics, an arched top, and scooped back body give a good feel for comfortable playing. The SRT’s are available in both 4 and 5-string models and will be selling for between $899 and $949, depending on your choice.

Ibanez SRT805DXCN bass

Details for all SRT models:

  • Maple/Bubinga thru-neck construction for super sustain
  • Mahogany body with Figured Maple top
  • US-made EMG pickups offer plenty of output with balanced tonality
  • Ergonomic arched top with scooped back body
  • Modern bass look equipped for modern sound

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