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Pete Wentz speaks on Fall Out Boy’s status

Pete WentzAmid controversy on twitter and in the media that Fall Out Boy has broken up for good, bassist Pete Wentz says nothing is for certain, but the band has definitely not called it quits yet. “We need a sarcastic font for Twitter,” Wentz jested, “so you can type in that font, and people can be like, ‘Oh, he’s being sarcastic right now. We need an actual font.”

In speaking with Rolling Stone, Pete suggested that the media coverage of Fall Out Boy’s possible demise is “blown so far out of proportion.” “But to make it really clear,” he said, “we were just burned out, and we need a break. The status is still not changed from the very beginning. We’re just taking a break.” He also pointed out that some bands take breaks, such as Coldplay, for years at a time and no one wonders whether they are broken up or not.

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