Gear Watch: FEA Growler Pedal

FEA Labs has announced the FEA Growler pedal to their product line. The Growler is designed as an enhancement pedal that adds second harmonic warmth to add “growl and punch” to their tone. The pedal generates an analog harmonic octave tone to blend with your bass’s natural tone.

The pedal features a dual-channel setup that allows you to switch between different sounds easily. The first channel gives the standard features, with a wet and dry blend control and an input level boost switch, as well as an asymmetric (soft clipping) switch. The second channel adds a bright level control, a generator filter switch, and a TRS insert jack for outboard processing of the harmonic signal. A direct out is included with the standard output of the pedal.

The FEA Growler is available for $195 plus shipping and handling.

FEA Growler Pedal Features:

  • Small footprint design: 4.5″ by 3.5″
  • Activation footswitch (stomp switch) with direct bypass when the pedal is not active
  • Channel selection footswitch (stomp switch) for easy activation of either channel as needed
  • Variable dry, wet channel 1, and wet channel 2 controls for adjusting the mix of the original signal (dry) with either of the analog harmonic signals (wet)
  • Input level toggle switch to boost the input signal by +6db and allow for more intense tone processing settings on both channels
  • Asymmetrical clipping toggle switch to add soft clipping to the generated harmonic tone on both channels
  • Variable brightness level control on channel two to add more highs to the harmonic tone as needed
  • Generator filter toggle switch on channel two to change the low bypass filter from 250Hz to 1KHz allowing the harmonic generator circuit to process more of the original signal
  • TRS (tip ring sleeve) insert jack to allow for outboard processing of the harmonic signal using external effects or equalization
  • Direct output jack which provides the unprocessed (dry) signal for additional signal path and mixing options

Check out the FEA Labs web site for more info, sound clips, and ordering.

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