Gear Watch: Amptweaker TightDrive Bass Overdrive Pedal

Amptweaker TightDrive Bass Overdrive PedalWhen Amptweaker introduced the guitar version of the TightDrive overdrive pedal at January NAMM 2010, a lot of bassists asked if it would work for them too.

Bassist Greg Weeks (The Red Chord) gave the guitar version a test drive, and after a few tweaks to the range of the Tone and Tight controls, the Bass TightDrive was born.

“The TightDrive Bass distortion pedal is a well rounded low end beast,” said Weeks. “While most bass overdrive pedals actually suck out the low end, the TightDrive holds onto it and can release a warm round tone, a saturated “coming off its hinges” tone and everything in between. It is the perfect pedal for all players wanting to experiment with a thicker, fuller tone.”

The pedal includes Amptweaker’s Tight Control setting, allowing the player to adjust the attack from a traditional, thumpy bottom end sound to a more aggressive attack more similar to a guitar tone.

There’s also an effects loop on the back of the pedal, with a Pre/Post switch that moves the position of a loop to before or after the distortion, making it easy to build a “boost chain” of effects and EQ.

Other features include a magnetic sliding battery door and LED lighting on the knobs for dark stages.

For more info visit Amptweaker.

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