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Dominic Miller Releases “November”, Featuring Level 42’s Mark King

Dominic Miller: NovemberDominic Miller, the guitarist known best for his acoustic guitar work, has released his first electric album of his solo career, November.

The move wasn’t easy, either.

“I cleaned house and went back to zero again by putting [my first] four albums behind me,” shares Miller.

Miller decided November would be an instrumental album, and knew his choice of compositions and musicians was key.

“One runs the risk of sounding like a second rate fusion or jazz-rock band. God forbid!”, Miller said. “I won’t mention any names but I have received some such records from some very well-known instrumentalists. After one listen, their only uses have been scraping the frost off the windscreen of my Peugeot 206 in the winter months. Many of these records are mostly, if not all, about the playing, not the composition. Their authors are like great actors with average scripts. I was determined that composition needed to be king.”

So Miller reached out to Level 42 bassist Mark King, session drummer Ian Thomas (Eric Clapton, Seal, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones) and Level 42 keyboardist Mike Lindup as the core band. Other musicians making appearance on the album include pianist Yaron Herman, keyboardist Jason Rebello and saxophonist Stan Sulzmann.

November is available from Amazon.

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