James Jamerson: “I Can’t Help Myself” Isolated Bass Track

Here’s another great isolated bass track showcasing James Jamerson‘s work with The Four Tops. As you’ll hear, this wasn’t really all that isolated, with drums and sax clearly in the mix.

Thanks to Rick Suchow, for sharing these awesome recordings.

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  1. Can you get these isolated tracks on any release???

  2. Brian

    such fludity,…like a rubber band being pulled in just the right directions in the hot sun…
    bass full, tone; rolled off ….completely….phat cascading basslines from heaven…

  3. Brian

    * fluidity….

  4. Tim

    It still amazes me that he only used his index finger to play like this!

  5. Lyle Glidden

    James was one of every 60’s bassist’s heroes and mentors ! His subtle magic drove every song recorded at Motown with melody and technical precision ! Such a loss to the world of great bass players !

    • In the 60’s listening to the AM car radio, I found myself singing along to the basslines instead of the song on anything that James Jamerson was on!!

  6. Lyle Glidden

    At one point there was a James Jamerson CD boxed set that had quite a few of these stripped tracks on it…due a web search to see if you can find a copy !

  7. mike. Abraham

    Oh no not Jamerson all of it Carol Kaye just ask her. BTW she also wrote all of McCartney, Pastorious and Marcus Millers baselines, again just ask her.