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Gear Watch: Industrial Radio Standard Midi Bass 4

Industrial Radio Standard Midi Bass 4Industrial Radio has released the Standard Midi Bass 4, a hybrid bass guitar and MIDI controller that connects and controls synthesizer and sampler technology. The fret-sensing neck and multi-sensor approach to MIDI conversion is designed for both the studio and live environments.

The bass is also a standard bass guitar, so bassists can enjoy real bass and switch to synth at any time.

Build time is twelve weeks, and the bass retails for $2,495.00 (US). The price includes the bass, Midi Bass Module, 8-pin Midi cable and a hardshell case. The bass is also available as a left-handed model.

Standard Midi Bass 4 features:

  • Black satin finish
  • 34” scale Bolt-on maple neck with satin finish
  • Optional matching painted headstock
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Agathis tonewood body
  • White or black pickguard
  • Passive, single-coil pickups
  • Controls – MIDI Volume, Front Pickup Volume, Back Pickup Volume, Passive Tone
  • Chrome hardware

MIDI system features:

  • Industry-leading low latency MIDI tracking
  • Latency is consistent across full range of bass from high notes to low notes
  • Features both monophonic and polyphonic modes
  • Sophisticated operating system with highly-configurable settings to ensure optimum performance and compatibility with all MIDI-enabled synths and sound modules
  • Intuitive user interface with on-board display – control Midi Bass settings direct on the bass from the fingerboard
  • 40 programmable performance presets

Standard Midi Bass 4 demo:

For more information, visit Industrial Radio’s website.