Slap Bass 101: Part 3 – Left Hand Slap & Hammer-Ons

This week, we continue building on the foundation established in Part 1 (the basics) and Part 2 (building on the basics), and add left hand slap concepts and hammer-ons.

Next: Right hand pluck and pop

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  1. I’m interested in your slap bass lessons. My problem is,I have a nokia E61i,and your videos are not formatted for my mobile i’m unable to watch the videos. Where.and how can I obtain your lessons on DVD?

  2. This is great Marlowe, I am a one handed bass player and this breaks it down to where I can put together something to work with.I have been doing some slap on a keyboard but it just does not sound the same.You are a great teacher in all styles.Really appreciate your giving out so much for people to learn.

  3. […] Part 3 – Left Hand Slap & Hammer-Ons […]

  4. What happened to this video? It doesn’t exist anymore!