Slap Bass 101: Part 4 – Right Hand Pluck/Pop

In this lesson, we’ll build on the concepts in Part 3 and add the right hand pluck/pop.

Next time: Funk/Rock Scale Basics!

In case you missed them, here are Parts 1-3:

Part 1: Slap Bass Introduction

Part 2: Building on the Basics

Part 3: Left Hand Slap & Hammer-Ons

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  1. This guy is really good. Excellent teaching steps, great slap bass line. Keep ’em coming!

  2. […] basics) and Part 2 (building on the basics), and add left hand slap concepts and hammer-ons.Next: Right hand pluck and pop Related Articles: Bartek Krolik: Fiku Miku – Solo Funk Slap Bass Shame, Shame, Shame: Live […]

  3. Check this. I was having a real difficulty with the slap/mute/pluck thing until I caught this series on YouTube. I sat from the very beginning and listened, watched and practiced. I saw where my mistakes were and how to keep the groove throughout. This was not a technique I was comfortable with or used to because I was doing it wrong and so I didn’t like it much.

    • hows your slap playing now?

    • Since I was determined to get on top of the technique, I first had to realize that players like Bootsy, Marcus Miller, Larry Graham and many others had all adopted their own hand positions and approach. While many credit Larry as being the innovator, each player found their own way. Rocco Prestia (TOP) prefers the finger/funk approach. I first took all the major/minors up and down the neck just using my thumb to lock in attack and positioning. I then began to work in my forefinger and ring finger on my right hand for pops and snaps. Along the way, I worked on different ways to muffle certain notes and using ghost notes. I would watch Stanley and Marcus and picked up some things that way. As I got better at it, I began to use it a bit more. I believe it to be a “must have” technique to a certain degree but not an absolute necessity. Rocco’s been obviously very successful as was Jaco with their own techniques.

  4. Excellent series, go’s right from lap top to the gig.

  5. great series Thomas ill be studying this for some time…