Lesson: Slap Bass 101

By popular demand, I’ve been working on a new lesson series for beginning slap bass. This week, we’ll break down the basics.

Part 1: Slap Bass Introduction

This lesson covers basic thumb slapping, ghosted notes, muting, hammer-ons and plucking/popping:

Next: we’ll build on these concepts with Part 2 – Building on the Basics.

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  1. Michelangelo

    I like how he goes from a regular outfit and precision bass
    to a pink bass
    to a pink bass with a tank top
    kinda shady..

    just kidding awesome videos!

  2. Gary Bouchard

    Love the videoes… that is a tremendous help to us rookies to actually see the sequences take place.

    What kind of amplification gear did I see behind you?

  3. Phillip

    Looks to me like its a TC Electronics RH450 bass amp and a matching 2×10 cabinet.

  4. Lesson: Slap Bass 101: Editor’s note: Help us welcome our newest contributor, Thomas “MarloweDK” Risell!
    By popula… http://bit.ly/921CHr
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  5. Thomas,
    I watched your video this afternoon, three times. Then I sat down in my room and played …. for two hours …. slap bass. I’ve struggled with this technique for two or three years. I’ve bought books and DVDs and tried everything but tonight, after watching your video …. it clicked! Just like that. Obviously, I’ve a long way to go with my slap technique, but I definitely thing you make a real difference. I will definitely look out for more of your videos.

    • Adi

      hi thomas..same here but i have started playing bass 5 months back …slap bass has always inspired me..and these videos are of great help.

  6. a great help to a novice.

  7. I guess it doesn’t help that I play with a pick :)

  8. thumb slap bass, and moon walking are both about the same, oh so trendy, superficial, and completely pretentious…. keep it pure, and righteous, and stand up and play your bass like a man..

  9. “Thumb-slap” bass, “tap-dancing”, and “moon-walking” all have allot in common, they are superficial and pretentious. Keep it pure and righteous brother, and stand up and play your bass like a man..