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Simon Little Releases New Solo Project

Simon Little: MandalaBassist/composer Simon Little has released a new solo bass album, Mandala. The ten tracks on the album are all live improvisations, utilizing the Looperlative LP1 looper.

“When I was 17 I was listening to the Weather Report live album 8:30 and heard Jaco perform his solo live-looping piece ‘Slang’, it changed the way I thought about playing the bass and so began my obsession with making music using the bass as a solo instrument,” Little explains.

Simon used his Warwick Thumb VI throughout the album, as well as a slew of effects pedals, including a Lexicon MPX G2, Boss Super Octave, DD-6, and EMMA DiscumBOBulator. He also tracked the project by himself, but has advice for all the do-it-yourselfers out there.

“Having the album professionally mastered made such a difference to the sound and was an incredibly important stage in the process. I would recommend anyone starting out with DIY recording to look into professional mastering if they can. And I cannot recommend enough. It has allowed me to get my album out independently on my own schedule and the site is so user-friendly and above all, honest.”

Preview Mandala:

<a href="">one man&#8217;s ceiling is another man&#8217;s floor by Simon Little</a>

Visit Simon Little at his website to download the album.

Mandala Track Listing:

1. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor
2. West of Eden
3. Sometimes it rains in august
4. Calling out
5. Gil’s glass harmonica
6. The happy wanderer
7. Light & shade
8. Ohm is where the art is
9. The redemptive powers of temporary insanity
10. …And then suddenly nothing happened