Reader Spotlight: Eibhlin Palfrey

Eibhlin PalfreyMeet Eibhlin Palfrey, a bassist from Cork, Ireland and our player in the spotlight for September 7, 2010.


Born in Cork Ireland, music has always played a big part in my life. I’ve been playing bass for about 11 years, I’m 27 now. I’ve played with many fantastic local bands and a bit of session work whenever the opportunity arises. I play all styles and love jamming with new musicians. The last year has been a busy one being the bassist for “Artful Renegade” a Cork rock band, with many more gigs to come.


Cork, Ireland

Day gig:

Freelance Graphic Design

Years experience:

11 years

Bands & Gigs:

Currently the bassist for Artful Renegade and gigging around Ireland.


  • Gallien Krueger 700rbII
  • 4×10 GK Cab
  • 1×15 GK Cab
  • Fender Jazz bass
  • 5 String Custom bass
  • 3 low budget basses
  • 1 acoustic bass

Why I play the bass:

When I was about 15, I remember going into a local music shop, wall to wall full of guitars, six string, trebly things, and I noticed there were only a couple of basses there. I asked to play one and haven’t put it down since. After hearing some funk and jazz tracks I knew then that the bass was my voice.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

Ummmm, as far as bass superpower goes, I would like to think I know what a song needs and also what it doesn’t, I don’t know if that would count as a superpower but I’ve heard a lot of bassists that can’t hold a groove.

My influences

Oh, so many to mention, I’m really influenced by funk music, Im a bit of a funk junkie. Also jazz. I would hold artists like Marcus Miller, Tal Wilkenfeld, Stuart Hamm in very high regard along with Jaco, James Jamerson, and many many others including bassists in my community that I’ve learned a great deal from. I love how they put such great expression into their bass playing and for me bass is as much about feel as it is flashy chops.

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  1. Denbass

    First of all, great picture. Also insightful comments about the universe of bass and bassists

  2. Sebass

    It would be great if you could put a nice video of her playing. I know I can search on youtube or google, but i think it’d be good anyway.