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USAF Band of Liberty Bass Vacancy

The United States Air Force Band is holding auditions for the bass chair. Audition materials are due by November 7, 2010. The live audition is on Dec 7, 2010.

Audition Requirements

Scales and Arpeggios: Perform all scales and arpeggios from memory throughout the full practical range of the instrument (lowest open string to the 19th fret). Scales may be performed with finger or pick (performer’s preference) Minimum tempo for all scales: 16th notes at quarter note = 92.

Diatonic scales: Perform all major, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales. Chromatic scales: Perform the chromatic scale through the specified range. Arpeggios: Perform all forms of seventh chords from memory, two octaves, ascending and descending, using two different left hand positions, demonstrating accuracy of intonation and tone. Tempo for all arpeggios: 16th notes at quarter note = 60.

Jazz Profile: Improvise an appropriate bass line and solo for selections in the following categories:

  • Blues: Blue Monk, blues changes in any key Rhythm Changes: Anthropology, Wee/Allen’s Alley, Salt Peanuts Standards: All the Things You Are, Joy Spring Latin: Blue Bossa, Desafinado, The Girl From Ipanema Ballad: In A Sentimental Mood, ‘Round Midnight Selections are recommend titles. Other appropriate selections may be substituted

Performance Repertoire: Perform excerpts from the band’s current performance repertoire similar in difficulty to the following excerpts:

  • Grainger: Molly on the Shore, m 18-27 at quarter note = 112 Smith: Variations on a Hymn by Louis Bourgeios, m 4-23 at quarter note = 132 Sousa: The Stars and Stripes Forever, intro and 1st strain at quarter note = 132

Jazz/Pop: Performed with a minimum of a full rhythm section:

  • Double bass: Sister Sadie, 1st 8 bars of the head at quarter note = 176
  • Electric bass: Harris: Mira, Mira, meas. 125-145 at half note = 120 Brecker/arr.Taylor: Some Skunk Funk, quarter note = 108 The New Real Book, vol. 3: Dancin’ in the Street, quarter note = 132 Classical Solo: Perform a solo demonstrating intonation, rhythmic accuracy, and overall musicianship. Selection chosen by auditionee to demonstrate ability level.

Recommended solo: Eccles: Sonata in G minor (or solo of comparable difficulty)

For more information, contact SSgt Eric Spinelli.

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Cool Corey! Thanks for posting- these are pretty typical requirements for a gig of this type- I love the Eccles Sonata but it is a bitch to play