Reader Spotlight: Skip Taylor

Skip TaylorMeet Skip Taylor, a bassist from Slidell, Louisiana, and our player in the spotlight for September 28, 2010.


Skip Taylor is a seasoned bass player, producer and writer with a impressive list of accomplishments.

Being from the South, I played a lot of southern rock and funk. A student of Larry Graham and Bootsy, I established my own band while in high school and played the local clubs. After high school I went to college on a music scholarship to SUNY and attended music conservatory. Later I accepted a scholarship from USM where I was drafted for my first tour with Alexander O’Neal, who was working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis at the time. I then toured with the US Air Force band in Europe.

I decided to go to Howard University to finish my studies and started to play the DC metro area scene. I performed with Gil Scott, Blackbirds, Isaha Thomas, and many other local artists. My brother Nikk – who is a awesome drummer – persuaded me to play bass for the Richard Payne Trio – a power trio. We recorded two CD’s and toured for a few years. It was at the end of that tour I introduce my brother to some musicians, who later formed the hot local band Jazzy Blu. I played with JB until my job moved to New Orleans, which is where I am based now. I still work with Jazzy Blu, as well as produce a local group “Friends”. Currently I am in the studio and have several projects on the back burner. I just finished writing and directing a blues band for “Sexy G”. Thanks to Gerald Veasley’s Bass Bootcamp, I have been blessed to learn from and play with some of the top bassists: Victor Wooten, Andre’ Gouche, David Dyson and others.

No Treble has been an essential resource in the advancement of my bass playing career. I am “No Treble” for life.


Slidell, Louisiana

Day gig:

I am a Security Director for a major hotel brand.

Years experience:

25+ years

Bands & Gigs:

I currently do freelance work with bands and lay track for projects in the studio and by Protools / email. I perform with my brothers band Jazzy Blu from time to time and am currently producing my own project, simply called “Friends”. I am also principle bassist for my church praise team when I am in town.


  • Upright bass – Name unknown
  • Custom 6 string Smith bass
  • Custom MTD USA 5 string
  • David Eden WT – 800
  • Reddi Tube DI
  • Ampeg 4 10″ cab.
  • Trace Elliott 2 15″
  • Rosco 5 string Century Bass
  • SWR wedge 15″ combo
  • Genz Benz Cab 2 15″

Why I play the bass:

It’s kind of funny… when I was 8 or 9 years old, I realized if I cut the garden hose to a manageable length, I could buzz through it and get notes. So to avoid the public embarrassment or the expense of replacing garden hoses, my mom got me my first trumpet, which I played until the end of high school. I was alway attracted to the sound of bass so I begged my mom and got my first bass from a pawn shop. I started my own band and have never stopped playing.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

One thing I have learned working with some of the top bass players in the business is that no man knows everything. There is always room for improvement. Keep God first and stay humble.

My influences

Larry Graham, Anthony Wellington, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, and everyone who plays… even beginners.

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