Bobby Vega Bass Solo

Here’s a clip featuring some beautiful and funky playing by San Francisco native Bobby Vega (with one sweet bass).

Bobby has played with top names on the West Coast, including Tower of Power, Jerry Garcia, and Booker T.

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  1. Tim Hertoghs

    what year is the jazz bass ?

    • Jackie Clark

      That jazz looks like an early 60’s with the stacked volume/tone controls

  2. Anonymous

    Very nice playing–the view is great as well because it clearly shows fingering and strumming/picking technique.

  3. Fredo5489

    This guy pulls out a pick from no where.
    Awesome solo by the way

  4. Andrefollot

    Just one word….WOW! Gorgeous playing!
    Fender prototyped the Jazz bass in 1959 and first sold it in 1960. it had the stack pots through ’61 and they went to the three-knob setup sometime in ’62. I have a one with a Nov.’60 neck on a Feb. ’61 body. Bought it when I was 17 in 1972 for $175 and she’s been my baby ever since. I’d love to play her as well as Bobby Vega plays his!! What finesse……..

  5. THIS is how you marry chops and groove

  6. Just a question, do you ever show any bass players who AREN’T funk or Jazz?

  7. How amazing is being a creative person! A mix of techniques, at the right temper… beautiful, swingy, funky, percussive, melodic, rithmic, all! Great!

  8. Bobby’s is a an amazing player by all means. This is simply stunning.

  9. i’m always blown away by his strong sense of groove and creativity

  10. Nice mutin’, funky groovin’ great harmonics;)