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Kip Winger and Rudy Sarzo Teach Rockers at Fantasy Camp

Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy CampKip Winger, the one-time bassist for Alice Cooper and leader of the 80’s band Winger, and Rudy Sarzo of Quiet Riot fame have teamed up with songwriter/producer Mark Hudson for the new VH1 Classic series, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp”. The trio of counselors guide wannabe rockers to help them transform into rock stars. The show debuts tonight at 10pm ET on VH1 Classic.

Winger is really enjoying the project.

“I come from a line of preachers and teachers,” Winger told the Herald in a telephone interview from Nashville, Tenn. “Everybody on my dad’s side was either a preacher or a university professor. I can teach anyone to play music. I love doing it.”

“You throw five people in a room who have never met each other before and they’re all kind of nervous,” Winger added. “You count off – one, two, three, four – and everybody stands at attention. Everybody wants to make it work. It’s like putting 20 years of band experience in the space of a week.”

Complete episode list:

(All times ET)

  • Sat October 16: 10pm
  • Sun October 17: 10pm, 10:30pm, 11pm
  • Mon October 18: 6pm, 11:30pm
  • Tue October 19: 7pm
  • Wed October 20: 12am, 1:30pm
  • Thu October 21: 1:30am, 6pm, 11pm
  • Fri October 22: 11pm, 5pm
  • Sat October 23: 3pm