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Racer X and Juan Alderete: Scarified

Long before he joined the ranks of Mars Volta, Juan Alderete was the metalhead bassist in Racer X, with guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert.

This song, Scarified, is proof of Alderete’s own virtuosity. Check out the solo licks and the unison tapping. It’ll melt your face.

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Juan is the man. I actually took a few lessons from him in the late 80’s. Unbelievably, he only charged $30 an hour. He didn’t do 1/2 hour lessons and he didn’t accept checks. “If you don’t have cash with you, I’ll follow you to the ATM after the lesson”

Unfortunately, I didn’t stick with it and am pretty much starting over in my mid 40’s. I do still remember all the modes and arps he showed me though.

Hey, Juan, if you are reading this, I would like to get my Jazz Patterns for the Bass Clef book back. (oh forget it, I already bought another)

Found this monster guy named Fred Frizz a couple of months ago doing Scarified on a fretless: