Juan Alderete Recovery Update

Anne and Juan Alderete

Today we’re so happy to share a piece of good news. Three months after a terrible bike accident that left him in a coma, Juan Alderete’s wife Anne has shared a very promising update on the bassist’s condition. Alderete has started to be able to use his own phone, though Anne points out it will be a while before we hear from him directly.

“He is working on walking and is using a walker and some assistance, eating totally regular food all the time, doing three hours of therapies (OT, ST, PT) a day and making such great progress,” she writes in a post sharing a new photo of the couple. She also quizzed Juan to share more with his fans, including his favorite food at the rehab hospital (enchiladas and burritos), what he misses the most, and what he wants to play.

“Biggest realization during this process: Always be grateful for the people who put everything down for you. It’s taught me that you always have to be there for people and people will be there for you,” the post added. “Message to you all: Thanks so much for all of your concern -IT GIVES ME POWER! Thank you SO MUCH for ALL of your SUPPORT! [he asked me to use caps in this way to communicate his emotions to you!]”

We’re so happy for Juan’s recovery, and we can’t wait to hear him playing again!

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  1. Jon Rochner

    This is such incredibly awesome news, especially during such trying times…
    Go, Juan! Go!

  2. Smeg

    This is fucking awesome

  3. MikeyM

    This is GREAT news! I read it on the GoFundMe page yesterday and yeah, with everything going on, this is some FANTASTIC news! Juan was a huge influence on me back with Racer X, The Scream,… then when I heard TMV, it’s like f’n WoW man. Love his pedal n’ effects web page too. He always makes me laugh and smile. Like the majority of us, he is just so passionate about bass. I’ve even got the Elders in my Church praying for his recovery. God Bless ya my Brotha-O-Bass, and a continued speedy recovery to ya!!!

  4. matt haramut

    I love you Juan, I saw you play with Manson , the last show of the twins of evil tour
    I’m incredibly happy your recovering., I’m also a big fan of pedals and effects
    I wish there was something I could do to help
    please know you are loved by many and we are all praying and playing our basses for you
    can’t wait until your making us happy again with your smiling face and your generous spirit
    heres to a speedy recovery. much love ,your biggest fan., weird hairy Matt