Primus Releases “Me Llamo Mud”

As they wrap up the South American leg of their reunion tour, bass wizard Les Claypool and Primus have released a new version of “My Name is Mud” with all Spanish lyrics. “Me Llamo Mud” is a new recording of the classic track from the trio’s Pork Soda album. The track is available on iTunes, but is also streaming from their website.

Primus, who returned this year with original drummer Jay Lane, have been keeping a tour diary of their experiences, mostly through pictures and video. The group is working on a new album, due out next year, which will be their first new studio album since 1999.

Here is a video from their tour diary that is pretty cool too:

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  1. Franck

    Ahhh Yes!!!! Primus is in the house !!!! thank you !!!!

  2. I remember those days of being a Primus-obsessed kid. They do have a pretty cool sound. (: