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Gear Watch: Carl Martin Pro Power

Carl Martin Pro PowerCarl Martin has released their Pro Power power supply, designed for versatile power distribution for pedals.

Starting with an input that is switchable between 110V and 230V for international adaptability, the power is split into 8 individual isolated and regulated outputs.

Output levels can then be set to 9V at 150mA or 12V at 110mA, with the 7th and 8th sockets having an extended range of 9V at 350 mA or 12V at 220mA. All this is selectable via a DIP switch on the back of the unit.

The Carl Martin Pro Power is housed in a black metal case and comes with a selection of 9V DC cables. For more info, visit Carl Martin on the web.

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Don;t see anything particularly special or different with this new unit. They didn’t include any 18v outputs which is a mistake IMHO. In fact, some pedals require 24v. Also, no mention if the unit fits the brackets supplied by Pedaltrain for mounting under most of their effect boards. Also, nothing about including any “Y” cables to accommodating 18v pedals (via plugging it in to two 9v outputs) or daisy chain cables for hooking up multiple pedals to one single output. In fact, they don’t even mention if this is possible with their unit – although it probably is. Depending on your personal needs there are better options from both T-REX (CHAMELEON and FuelTank Jr.) and Voodoo Lab (Pedal Power 2, etc.)