Gear Watch: M Basses Mj-4 and Mj-5

M Basses has officially released their Mj-4 and Mj-5 models, which are 4 and 5-string versions of a “vintage-inspired” bass with customizable features.

The M bass body comes standard with a choice of either a swamp ash or alder body, maple neck and an Indian rosewood fingerboard.

M Bass Mj-4

The Mj-4 carries 20 frets while the 5-string has 21, though both have a 34″ scale. The basses also come standard with either Nordstrand or Aguilar single coil pickups. A hipshot vintage bridge and ultra light tuning keys round out the hardware on the Mj-4. Both models are made by hand.

The Mj-4 and Mj-5 are available starting at $2,650 and $2,750 respectively, with the option to upgrade.

Check out this video of Anthony Wellington testing out the Mj-5:

M Basses Mj Bass Standard Specs:

  • Swamp Ash or Alder Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • 34” Scale
  • 20 frets on Mj-4, 21 frets on Mj-5
  • Hipshot Vintage Bridge
  • Passive Wiring
  • Nordstrand or Aguilar Single Coil Pickups
  • High Gloss Urethane Finish

For info on more customization, visit the M Basses website.

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  1. Kris

    Nice, but for that price, I can think of other basses I’d rather have. Just my opinion…do love the colour choice on the 4-string, though!

  2. Thomas

    I guess I’m just not sophisticated enough to understand why just buying a Fender American Jazz or a G&L JB-1 for less than half the price isn’t just as good

  3. James

    You have to play one to understand that these basses have plenty of value to back up the price tag. These are hand made basses that have killer tone and playability along with you can communicate with Jon directly during the build process and he is the one building it. To go through fenders custom shop for a jazz 5 starts at $4,600.00 and goes up from there. I love my fenders (I have my first jazz still and it’s an incredible bass) but for custom, I’ll go with the Mbass.