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12 Medium-Easy Jazz, Blues & Funk Etudes

12 Medium-Easy Jazz, Blues & Funk Etudes12 Medium-Easy Jazz, Blues & Funk Etudes is a new series of books by Yellowjackets sax man Bob Mintzer written for all instruments, including bass.

Designed for beginner- to intermediate-level musicians, this book covers 12 jazz, blues and funk etudes composed by Mintzer in a variety of jazz styles, tempos, and time signatures.

A play-along CD is included, along with transcription excercises, composition exercises and a practice page with scales and chords.

The book focuses on learning these skills:

  • Melodic composition
  • Improvisation
  • Sight reading
  • Motivic development
  • Scales and chords
  • Jazz concept
  • Major and minor blues
  • Jazz waltz
  • Slow/Medium/Fast swing
  • Funky groove