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Mick Quinn: Supergrass Will Probably Reunite

Mick QuinnBassist Mick Quinn of the now defunct rock band Supergrass told the BBC that the group will probably be making a comeback in the future.

“I’m still on good terms with the rest of them and I’m confident we would probably reform at some point,” he said in an interview.

The British pop rock group, who parted ways in April 2010 while in the middle of their seventh studio album, rose to fame with hits like “Alright,” and “Caught by the Fuzz.”

“People just wanted different things out of the record and eventually that’s what split the band,” he explained. “You can’t put a gun to people’s heads and get them to do what they don’t want to do. Everyone needs to be happy when you’re making a record. Otherwise it’s not a band, it’s a solo project.”

Since the split, Quinn formed dB Band, which according to him goes back to Supergrass’s punk-ish roots. The group has already toured France, and is planning to release an EP this spring.

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