No Treble Thanks Our Bass-Focused Sponsors: Ansir Music, TC Electronic, Concord Music Group, DR Strings, Marcus Miller and Roland

Lately, No Treble has been experiencing a significant increase in feedback coming in by way of email, letters, tweets and Facebook posts and messages. We love hearing from you! The positive feedback (along with the occasional advice on how to do even better) are evidence that No Treble is attracting an energetic, worldwide community of bassists.

From No Treble’s perspective, we are all in this together. You, the reader (and our Facebook and Twitter friends) who read, share and discuss the articles and features here, the No Treble crew and No Treble’s sponsors form the all-bass community we strive to nurture. Together, we contribute to the ongoing dialogue for and about bassists that is at the core of No Treble’s mission.

Part of what makes continuing development of No Treble possible is the support of our sponsors. By adding their voices to No Treble’s ongoing exchange of ideas and information, No Treble’s sponsors lend invaluable support to No Treble’s ability to keep reporting new bass-focused stories, videos, lessons, reviews and so much more. We encourage you to recognize their contribution which helps make our all-bass venture go. By making relevant, bass-focused information available to you, they strive to be of service in the community. If they are on target, let them know. If they miss the mark, they want to know that too.

In the past year, No Treble has enjoyed support from these fine sponsors. Check them out when you have a moment.

Ansir Music

Ansir MusicAnsir Music offers custom basses featuring a special, patented, angled neck technology designed to make playing more comfortable and enjoyable. Ansir’s methodology centers on finding each bassist’s perfect playing angle, and choosing woods, shapes and hardware to match the sound you’re after. Ansir has sponsored the Gear Watch and daily videos on No Treble. Find out more at

TC Electronic

TC ElectronicTC Electronic continues to focus on bassists’ sound, with a series of bass amps from the BG 500 to the new Blacksmith. TC Electronic is currently sponsoring a great gear giveaway contest, offering a BG500 bass amp as the grand prize, 4 pedals and tuners as first prizes, and 5 No Treble t-shirts as runners’ up prizes. Check them out at

Concord Music Group, DR Strings and Marcus Miller

Concord Music Group, DR Strings & Marcus MillerConcord Music Group and DR Strings have teamed up with No Treble to celebrate Marcus Miller’s U.S. release of A Night in Monte-Carlo. Be sure to check out the contest – 26 winners in all with prizes from signed CDs, DR Strings, No Treble t-shirts and back stage passes.

Check out the release of A Night in Monte-Carlo at Concord Music Group’s site.

Find out more about DR Strings’ Marcus Miller Signature “Fat Beams” strings.

Become a fan on Marcus Miller’s Facebook page.

Roland Corporation & BOSS

Roland Corporation & BOSSRoland tapped No Treble to promote their popular Loop Station and the Loop Station World Championship contest in 2010. At the time, their contest was in full swing, but missing a very important segment of the music population: bassists. Find out more at

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