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Chris Tarry Releases “Rest of the Story”

Chris Tarry: Rest of the StoryChris Tarry has released his latest project, Rest of the Story, a multi-media composition including a 100 page book and CD.

The Canadian-born jazz bassist is also a writer, and the book includes his short stories as well as unique art. That’s not to say the music is a side-note, as the nine-track album is full of Tarry’s original compositions.

If you want some real bass, make sure to check out the track “Five.”

Rest of the Story is only available as a whole set in hard copy through Nineteen-Eight Records.

“That’s right, for now, no iTunes, no CD Baby, just one place, right here,” the label explains. “Because, when you buy this album, you support one of the most decorated groups in jazz, as well as a CD that speaks to a time when beautiful album design mattered, a good story was the talk of the town, and music was more than just a click away.”

Rest of the Story” Album “Fly-By”:

Rest of the Story Track List:

  1. Jump the Shark
  2. Rest of the Story
  3. You are the State
  4. Scroll
  5. Five
  6. Tristeza
  7. Launch
  8. Battlestar
  9. Three Short Stories (Beginning, Middle, End)

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I don’t listen to a ton of music. I don’t purchase a ton of music. But from this little sample (and more on the website), I gladly laid down the $15. Really feelin this stuff CT!

Chris Tarry

Hey Uriah,

Thanks, man! And thank you No Treble for posting. I really appreciate it.