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Adam Nitti Opens Nashville Music Academy

Adam NittiBassist Adam Nitti has opened MusicDojo Nashville, a new bass guitar academy which expands on the virtual music school Nitti co-founded in 2003, The Nashville-based school is designed to offer more a personalized experience.

In addition to his work as a bassist, composer and frontman for his own projects, Nitti is an active educator. The school offers private, group and webcam lessons, custom-tailored to each player based on experience and goals, based on Nitti’s approach to music education.

“This academy was born from my desire to inspire the pursuit of excellence among players in a current musical climate sometimes void of uniqueness and inspiration,” Nitti shares. “Over the last decade my perspective on music and music education has been significantly transformed. Some of that has to do with how I have grown as a player, but on a much deeper level my past experiences have had me focusing more on the discovery and importance of the less-tangible aspects of music – the things that can’t be notated on a staff or explained using music theory. These are the cognitive elements that are actually the most communicative and inspiring components of music, and they ultimately connect the performer with the listener. My plan is for MusicDojo Nashville to not only be a place where players can establish a solid academic foundation, but also go far beyond academics in the pursuit of their own identity by exploring the deeper aspects of communicating through music.”

Master classes will be available, starting with a bass clinic by Anthony Wellington on April 4, 2011.

For more information, contact the school at or (615) 763-3865.

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