Classic Gems For Electric Bass

Classic Gems For Electric BassDamon Mazzocco’s Classic Gems For Electric Bass, now back in print, is a focused study guide for learning solos on electric bass. The goal is to get through the guide with an ability not only to play the pieces start to finish, but to also gain new skills with arpeggio runs.

The 20 page book contains seven solos and one duet, written in both standard notation and tab. The guide is designed for beginning to intermediate bassists.

Classic Gems For Electric Bass song list:

  1. Serenade for Strings
  2. Italian Waltz
  3. And When She Danced
  4. Country Dance
  5. Bourrée No. 1 (from Cello Suite No. 3)
  6. Gavotte in A Major
  7. Study No. 1 (Originally Walking Bass)
  8. Bourrée in E Minor (Duet – Bass Guitar 1 & Bass Guitar 2)

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