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Bryan Beller Releases “Wednesday Night Live”

Bryan Beller: Wednesday Night LiveBryan Beller has just released his first solo live album, Wednesday Night Live, recorded during his band’s September 15, 2010 performance at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles. Beller’s band included guitarists Rick Musallam and Griff Peters, Mike Keneally on keyboard and guitar and Joe Travers on drums.

In prepping for the recording, Beller wanted to make sure the song arrangements kept true to his originals while giving the band some breathing room.

“I see myself as a rock/jazz fusion artist, with the rock part coming first,” the bassist explains. “And I remember going to see Pink Floyd shows and wanting to see them honor the songs and individual parts I loved so much, while at the same time digging it when they stretched out in certain spots. That’s the balance I wanted the band to strike. So you’ll hear little parts and even some solos of mine that stay close to the record version, because I consider them a part of the song to some extent, and I want to honor that. But there’s also a lot of room to push the boundaries when we want to, and having such great players and friends in the band – guys I know and trust deeply, like Rick, Griff, Joe and Mike – just makes those moments extra special.”

In addition to the set, the disc includes bonus material, including a performance of “View” from the WesFest 2 concert and “Cave Dweller” from Beller’s 2008 Thanks in Advance release party.

For more information, visit Beller’s website.

Preview and download Wednesday Night Live:

Wednesday Night Live Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Greasy Wheel
  3. Life Story
  4. Get Things Done
  5. Thanks in Advance
  6. Love Terror Adrenaline – Breakthrough
  7. Seven Percent Grade
  8. View
  9. Cave Dweller

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