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Ashdown Engineering Debuts MiBass Amp Head

Ashdown Engineering has unveiled their new entry in the compact bass amp space with the new MiBass amp heads. Ashdown says the head, measuring 8.2″ wide, 2.6″ tall and 6.3″ deep with an internal power supply and weighing in at 3.1 pounds, can fit in most standard gig bag pockets. The unit is about half the size of the Ashdown LG and available in either a 220-watt and 550-watt model.

Ashdown Engineering MiBass Amp Head

The amp features Ashdown’s standard VU meter, with switchable active/passive inputs, 7-band, semi-parametric equalization and EQ in/out switch, Deep and Shape switches, output level control and a mini line input with level control. The unit’s back includes a pre/post switchable balanced DI output, FX send and return, line and headphone outputs, along with a speakon/jack speaker output combination.

The units also offer 4 different color options: black, blue, purple and silver. Ashdown will also print custom graphics on the unit, if you download a template and submit the artwork to them.

Ashdown says the amp will ship in August, 2011, with a MSRP of about $550 for the 220 and $750 for the 550. For more, visit Ashdown’s website.