DigiTech Debuts New Line of Amps

DigiTech Classic-15B Combo Bass AmpHARMAN DigiTech is moving into new territory, with their announcement of their new amplifiers at Musikmesse 2011.

The company has focused mostly on a line of guitar amps (five of them), but is introducing a bass amp in the mix, the Classic-15B.

The Classic-15B is a 15 watt combo bass amp and a new addition to the world of lightweight and portable amps. It features an 8-inch speaker, with volume, treble, mid and bass controls and a 1/4″ stereo headphone jack.

“In creating our DigiTech amplifiers, we knew we had to offer something more than a ‘me too’ product line in a market already filled with amps,” stated, Rob Urry, vice president and general manager HARMAN Professional Signal Processing Group. “DigiTech has the unique advantage of decades of experience in creating many of the world’s most recognizable sounds, effects pedals and products, and we put all of that expertise into designing a full line of amplifiers that provide an exceptional range of tones.”

Pricing for the new amps is not yet available, though street prices appear set around $90. The company said the amps will begin shipping Spring 2011. For more, visit DigiTech’s website.

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