Digitech/DOD Relaunches the Envelope Filter 440 Pedal

Digitech/DOD Envelope Filter 440 PedalDigitech/DOD has brought back a piece of its history with the DOD Envelope Filter 440. The pedal was reissued in 2014 but is being relaunched this year in what parent company Cor-Tek calls the “Comeback” of DOD pedals. The pedal is designed for both bass and guitar and is known for its “vowel-like sounds” with slow filter sweeps.

“The new 440 is a faithful recreation of the vintage pedal, with the helpful addition of an up/down toggle that allows players to control which part of the sweep is emphasized,” they write. “Whether players are doing funky chordal work, simulated wahs, or trippy drawn-out filter sweeps, the 440 delivers with a versatile range of expressive, dynamic tones.”

The two-knob control set has a level knob and a range knob for dialing in the effect. Digitech says that setting the new up/down toggle to the down position adds body to bass tones. Another update to the design is the addition of true bypass switching.

The Digitech/DOD Envelope Filter 440 is available now for $129.99.

Digitech/DOD Envelope Filter 440 Pedal Features:

Level Control
Range Control
Up/Down Sweep Switch
Analog Design
True Bypass
Blue LED Status Indicator
Aluminum Chassis
Power: 9V DC Adapter or Battery

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