Cor-Tek Acquires Digitech/DOD

Cort DigitechThere’s been another shakeup in the music industry as Cor-Tek, makers of Cort instruments, have announced the acquisition of the Digitech/DOD brand, including all intellectual property and assets. The news was made in a press release including a statement from Cor-Tek President Jun Park.

“Since 1973, DigiTech/DOD guitar effect pedals have been iconic in the guitar industry, and we have a deep admiration for the heritage and legacy of the DigiTech/DOD products,” he wrote. We look forward to continuing the manufacturing and selling of the iconic products as well as investing in new features and products.”

DOD Electronics was founded in 1973 while Digitech launched in 1984. The two brands were previously owned by Harman International, which restructured in 2018 and ultimately fired the engineering team for Digitech/DOD.

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  1. Ian Gilmore

    Cort has been putting out some pretty high qualify low price point basses. I’m sure they’ll do well with the Digitech brand