Legoland Empire Releases EP Featuring Trip Wamsley

Legoland Empire: Guard the PointBassist Trip Wamsley shared on his Facebook page that Legoland Empire has released Guard the Point, a new 4-track EP on Bandcamp. Wamsley, whose playing on the album ranges from funky grooves to gnarly distorted riffs, describes the album as masterminded by former Wild Cherry bassist Allen Wentz. The group also includes Neil Alexander on keys and guitarist Rob Michael.

“This is super-neato ambient electronic music,” Wamsley said.

Wentz, who was the bassist for Wild Cherry, played synths, electronics and percussion for the project.

“[It is] a collaboration of wonderful musicians from around the country,” Wamsley explains. “The quality of ideas, performance and restraint displayed with virtually no direction absolutely blew me away. Its as if we were indeed all cosmically connected. And so the full realizations of these compositions has been completed.”

The EP is available for streaming on Bandcamp or for download with a minimum price of $1, though you can pay more if you wish.

Preview and download Guard the Point:

Guard the Point Track List:

  1. Dexter
  2. What So
  3. Blacktop
  4. Guard the Point

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