BassTheWorld: 29 Bassists in 1 Video

The internet is a wonderful thing. Gregor Fris from put together this epic bass jam with 29 bassists from all over the world for a stunning display of the instrument’s diversity.

The bassists in order of appearance are Federico Malaman, Lars Lehmann, Trip Wamsley, Or Lubianiker, Hyunmo Kim (aka “hjfreaks”), Ralf Gauck, Zander Zon, Nathan Navarro, Miki Santamaria, Nik West, Anton Davidyants, Cody Wright, Scott Devine, Nick Schendzielos, Adam Nitti, René Flächsenhaar, Uriah Duffy, Davide Biale (aka “Davie504”), Markus Setzer, Anthony Crawford, Viaceslav Svedov, Damian Erskine, Eyal Amir, David Caraccio (aka “DavidSinRocks”), Alex Lofoco, Pascal Mulot, Tony Grey, Steve Lawson, and Dywane MonoNeon Thomas Jr.

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  1. mark spitz

    sorry, i play bass, too. but i feel no conection to such a noodle doodle show. a licks sound the same, most of them with ultraclean bass sounds. only nick west seems to know what a bass guitar should be. okay, Mr. Narrow (that guy with the hot hand) sounded cool.

  2. Mike Matthews

    All and all, I dig this. Wamsley, Duffy, Crawford, Grey are just killer (they really all are) ; but what is standing out in my memory is that every cat from Germany was a bad ass. Whats in the water over there… or is it the beer? ; )

  3. Awesome display of talent. But if you ask me, bassplayers like Josh Cohen who take tapping to another level should appear here!

  4. 8 minute bucket of awesome! Neon geezer at the end makes me afraid for my soul, the polar opposite of Scott Devine’s cross legged zen thing!

  5. Just spent an hour watching mononeon. Brilliant!

  6. Great compilation, Gregor!! Loved seeing the variety and discovered a few players I was unfamiliar with, too.

  7. Ismael

    All were great, but my favorite by far was René from Germany :)

  8. Gregor is a champion of the instrument, and this is a quick way to showcase a bunch of great players. kudos!

  9. mojobass

    A good variety of tappers, slappers,and snappers… It’s all about the bass community and commeradrie.BASS ON??

  10. No Victor Wooten, Ant Wellington, Oteil or Mike Manring? How about the one who really deseves You Tube kudos – Marlowe DK?

  11. Cool vid. I liked seeing all the different styles. Malaman, Devine, Rene’ F… I could listen to some of these folks all day long.


    …ahem…the dubstep guy is awesome though

  13. Plus – If you’re not Michael Manring just give up tapping already. Tapping a bass sounds worse than a Chapman Stick.

  14. All this video proves is that a bunch of guys can noodle aimlessly over a shitty backing track, that one can can make source audio pedals sound good and that one American woman has better groove than all those guys put together.

    • I bet a lot of people said the same sort of thing to/about Jack as well. ” Bach’s chromatic fantasy on an electric bass, WTF is that?” Or Stanley” piccolo bass, just play a guitar FFS!” Or Anthony Jackson “What kind of special snowflake needs 6 strings?”
      An approach to an instrument doesn’t have to be conventional to be valid. An instrument that is less than 75 yrs old should still be in an exploratory stage of its development.

    • Mike Matthews

      Free your mind dude. If you do the research (youtube) you will see & hear that these cats CAN groove and hold it down. That’s one of the things that I love about the bass, it sounds beautiful/bad ass in either context, holding down the groove or playing it melodically… Just saying.

  15. Edwin

    Shame to see so many narrow minded people in the comments section. So-called purists screaming what should be “proper” bass playing and such. Its all music. It can all be enjoyed. Its all subjective. They’re all virtuosoes in their own right. The instrument is a not even a decade old, and yet we’re all so eager to label what’s wrong and not, instead of letting the instrument evolve as it should be allowed to be.

  16. Frank

    So many thumbs and slapping. What a tired,macho boneheaded style of bass playing. I love the cat with the unique hollowbody fretless with no backing track. And Scott Devine’s piece was excellent as well. I know it’s clearly the preference of the cat who compiled this, but there are other ways to show off your bass chops outside of watered down white guy funk.