Trip Wamsley Releases “Shibboleth”

Trip Wamsley: ShibbolethTrip Wamsley has released Shibboleth, a new solo album featuring three drummers alongside the bassist performing everything else. “Shibboleth” is defined as “a word or saying used by adherents of a party, sect, or belief and usually regarded by others as empty of real meaning.”

“Does it meaning anything?” Wamsley asks. “Is it realistic or unrealistic that it will be understood? Does anything have meaning? Is interesting music outmoded? (certainly not). Is it important that the music have meaning? Is it important that it is understood? It will be Shibboleth to many. Shibboleth to some. Meaningless to others.”

The album, which was a few years in the making, has drummers Kevin Radomski, Matt See, and Brent Lensing locking in with Wamsley. Get a taste of the album with the video for the first single, “Lively”:

Shibboleth is available now as a digital download on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Shibboleth Track List:

  1. Lively (Conversation with Like Minded People)
  2. Matters
  3. Phantic
  4. It Was Never Personal
  5. Shibboleth
  6. Present Not Present
  7. Until We Meet Again
  8. Disclaimer

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