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Harriet Tubman Releases “Ascension”, Featuring Melvin Gibbs

Harriet Tubman: AscensionHarriet Tubman, the group formed in 1998 by bassist Melvin Gibbs, guitarist Brandon Ross and drummer J.T. Lewis has released their latest effort, entitled Ascension. The album, recorded live in 2000, is an interpretation of John Coltrane’s 1966 release of the same name.

True to form, the group pushes the musical boundaries with this release, expanding to a “Double Trio” with the help of Ron Miles on trumpet, and DJ Logic and DJ Singe on turntables. Much of the music on this release was recorded on the spot.

“Harriet Tubman’s mission is to show how we’ve digested the ideas our jazz mentors passed to us and how we applied them using the musical tools of our generation,” shares Gibbs.

Even the group’s name is a tribute, to Harriet Tubman, the woman who helped lead hundreds of African-American slaves to freedom in the 1850’s.

Preview and download Ascension:

Ascension Track List:

  1. Ascension
  2. Ritual Rubbin’
  3. Down Shift / Ascension
  4. Night Master / Ascension
  5. Ascension
  6. Stellar Attraction
  7. Probe
  8. Sideral Flux
  9. Plasmaroïd
  10. Widely Known